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WISE Development is delighted to announce that we have merged with Health Partners International, to become part of the HPI Group.

Health Partners International (HPI) is a partnership of health systems and governance specialists working in low and middle income countries. A UK registered company built on a social enterprise model, HPI is owned and managed by the people who do the work.

We reinvest our surplus in people, products and technologies that further our work in strengthening governance and health systems. We collaborate with local partners to ensure realistic and sustainable practical solutions for all aspects of health care and the delivery of outcomes.

“We are very proud to announce that WISE Development has joined the HPI Group,” said Chair of Health Partners International, Bryan Haddon. “WISE Development has a strong reputation and brings to HPI expertise in women’s empowerment and gender issues that will strengthen and complement HPI’s portfolio in health systems and governance, while providing joint opportunities in health and other sectors. The good news is that this combination has already shown tremendous potential and delivered some impressive results even in very difficult environments such as northern Nigeria.”

“Becoming part of the HPI Group, which is an employee owned and socially responsible organisation, is a natural evolution, as our values, interests and ways of working are very similar, said Georgia Taylor, Director of WISE Development. Together we will be able to realise real synergy to augment our efforts to enhance the well-being of women and girls ”.

We celebrated this milestone with an event earlier this year – “Can health outcomes improve without empowering women and girls?”

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