WISE will join ICTSD and Save the Children at the World Trade Organization Public Forum on 2nd October 2018 to discuss concrete examples of solutions from company leaders and experts from around the world on how integrating children’s and women’s rights can build up brand reputation, improve risk management, and contribute to the Sustainable Development Goals (SDG).

WISE Network Consultant Clare Bishop has devised a tool for assessing the gender responsiveness of agribusiness initiatives. On her recent blog on The Practitioner Hub for Inclusive Business, Clare Bishop writes about a tool that has been developed during a recent study undertaken by the Global Donor Platform for Rural Development on women’s empowerment in agribusiness. The […]

Two co-ops set up by WISE’s partner in India, SAMPARK, to support women’s economic empowerment self-help groups in Karnataka, India, have been awarded prestigious awards for the work that they do.

In response to a growing number of applications for gender training, WISE Development is addressing the question of gender training in the context of ‘gender and organisational change’. This means supporting organisations over a period of time to build gender knowledge and practical skills to improve practice. The WISE approach recognises the importance of building capacity across the whole organisation and positioning gender interventions in the context of organisational change. The starting point for WISE is therefore a process to get to know the organisation and its approach to learning and change

“From the glass cliff to the gender stress gap, from financial crisis to family crisis, women leaders face a number of converging personal, professional and global challenges. In the face of such momentous change and challenges, resilience as a simple notion of “bouncing back” isn’t enough”
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The participation of women at all levels and the strengthening of the women’s movement has never been so critical, working together with boys and men, to empower nations, build stronger economies and healthier societies. It is the key to making Agenda 2030 transformational and inclusive

Women in Business 2015: The Path to Leadership report looks at a range of issues faced by women across sectors including gender bias and unpaid care work. It also looks at how to facilitate the career paths of women into senior management.

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