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Gender Equality Experts in Political Leadership

  • Judith Gardner – Associate

    Judith Gardner – Associate

    Judith Gardner is a social development and gender specialist with over 20 years of experience in Southern Africa, the Horn and Greater Horn, the Yemen

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  • Sharon Bryan – Associate

    Sharon Bryan – Associate

    Sharon Bryan has worked in the field of Violence against Women and Girls for the last 20 years. She is Vice Chair of the Westminster Domestic Violence Forum and Chair of the forum’s Legal Issues sub group and was instrumental in campaigning for the first Domestic Violence Court in Westminster.

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  • Paola Pereznieto

    Paola Pereznieto

    Paola Pereznieto is an economist specializing in social policy and international development with over 13 years of relevant work experience. She has strong expertise in the management, design and implementation of qualitative and quantitative research projects in a range of developing countries.

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  • Penny Plowman – Associate

    Penny Plowman – Associate

    Penny Plowman is a gender and organisational development practitioner, trainer, facilitator, researcher, evaluator and mentor with 35 years’ experience in international development.

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  • Emma Varley – Associate

    Emma Varley – Associate

    Emma Varley has 20 years of international development and applied research experience in South and South-East Asia, and East Africa. She holds a PhD in Sociocultural and Medical Anthropology, and has extensive expertise in action-orientated qualitative and ethnographic methodologies and ethics protocols.

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