Amakela Zimbabwe

January 22, 2015



Amakela Zimbabwe

AmakelaAmakela has three core areas of expertise: capacity building, governance and wealth creation.
Most of Amakela’s work is in Zimbabwe and they have Associates who have experience working in other parts of Africa, Europe and the Caribbean. Amakela draws on these experienced practitioners to make up its consulting teams to bring a breadth of experience to the challenges faced by reforming organisations on the continent.
  • Amakela specialises in working with public sector reform initiatives, focusing on efficiency and accountability. Currently their interest includes anti-corruption initiatives and building sound accountability and democratic oversight structures;
  • Work with Local Government, NGO’s and civil society concerned with building democratic structures and strategic thinking. Experience includes working at the highest levels to achieve good governance and strengthen the human rights of citizens;
  • Amakela is aware of the special needs of women and girls in many societies and take an approach that seeks to strengthen gender equality for the good of all society. To do this they work with established gender experts in Zimbabwe and have a strategic relationship with WISE Development based in UK.
  • WEEWG Working Group

    WEEWG Working Group

    WEEWG facilitates inclusive, empowering and sustainable services to women across the globe.

  • Sampark NGO India

    Sampark NGO India

    Sampark is an organization working towards poverty reduction and women’s empowerment in India.

  • Sync Consult Ltd Ghana

    Sync Consult Ltd Ghana

    WISE Develoment works in partnership with Sync Consult Ltd Management Consultants, Ghana