June 19, 2017


Education, Evidence, EXPERTS, Policy&Prog

Dr Lyndsay McLean - Associate

Lyndsay is a senior consultant with 20 years’ experience in international development working as a policy-maker, academic and consultant. Lyndsay has particular knowledge and expertise in conflict-affected countries and fragile states and on gender equality and women and girl’s empowerment; violence against women and girls (VAWG); women, peace and security; conflict prevention; reconciliation; identity-based violence, social exclusion; children and youth. She has also worked on several other policy areas including governance, security and justice, education, refugees and migration, international trade and policy coherence for development. Lyndsay is experienced in managing and conducting social research (qualitative and quantitative), linking research to policy and practice; teaching, training and facilitation; policy analysis; programme design, programming guidance; monitoring, evaluation and impact assessment; programme management; team leadership; and web-based communication. Lyndsay has recently worked as Technical Team Leader for the DFID Violence against Women and Girls Helpdesk, as a member of the core Management Team for the DFID Research and Innovation Fund ‘What Works to Prevent VAWG’ and Research Lead for La Pépinière, a programme to promote adolescent girls economic empowerment in DRC. Lyndsay also holds a part-time lectureship in Anthropology and International Development at the University of Sussex.
  • Henrietta Miers – Associate

    Henrietta Miers – Associate

    Henrietta Miers is a Senior Associate of WISE Development, and has worked for 20 years as a Social Development and Gender Consultant in international development

  • Georgia Taylor, Technical Director

    Georgia Taylor, Technical Director

    Georgia Taylor has been working on gender, women’s economic empowerment and sexual and reproductive health for over 15 years.

  • Dr. Smita Premchander

    Dr. Smita Premchander

    Dr. Smita Premchander is committed to poverty alleviation and women’s empowerment in South Asia.