Invest for the Future – Empowering Women Through Entrepreneruship

January 22, 2015



‘Invest for the Future’ - Empowering Women Through Entrepreneruship

Invest for the FutureBased in Zagreb, Croatia the Invest for the Future network initiatives are led by Tina Lee Odinsky-Zec and her team at Zagreb School of Economics and Management. She is also guiding the strategic development of the offline activities through a system of IFTF Honorary Country Coordinators.  Sharing a vision where female leaders embedded in other organizations can help to identify needs and unite women through entrepreneurship has been gaining momentum.
In recent years there have been numerous initiatives launched to support female entrepreneurship acroass the Balkans and Invest for the Future aims to create synergy among individual and institutional efforts in the region. The niche IFTF can fills is in a strong online support network, an umbrella which  recognizes and encourages talent and leadership platforms as well as celebrating emerging leaders and institutions.
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