February 1, 2016


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Judith Gardner

Judith Gardner
Judith Gardner is a social development and gender specialist with over 20 years of experience, largely in Africa (Ethiopia, Kenya, Somalia/ Somaliland, the Sudans, Namibia, Zimbabwe), and the Yemen.
Interested in gender and violence (including S/GBV), (post-) conflict and peace-building, she has designed and undertaken research into male and female experiences of war and its aftermath, and the implications these gendered experiences have for individual and community resilience, and policy and programme design and intervention in fragile and conflict affected contexts. She has also co-designed and facilitated a three-country qualitative study on gender and emergencies, As well as social research, she is experienced in needs assessment, programme design and management, monitoring and evaluation and has conducted gender audits for the EC and DFID. She is called on as a Somalia gender expert. She currently lives in Nairobi.
Her publications include:
Gardner, Judith, and Judy El-Bushra, eds. Somalia – the Untold Story: The War through the Eyes of Somali Women Pluto Press, CIIR, 2004
Gardner, Judith and El-Bushra, Judy. (2013) Women Building Peace ACCORD Insight, London, Conciliation Resources (
Gardner, Judith, and Judy El-Bushra. The Impact of War on Somali Men: An Inception Study. Nairobi, Rift Valley Institute, 2015.
El-Bushra, Judy, and Judith Gardner. Gender in Emergencies in the Horn of Africa, CARE Australia, (completed in 2015; publication forthcoming).
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