February 15, 2016


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Judy El-Bushra

Judy El-Bushra has been working in the general area of development, with a strong gender focus, since 1972, most recently working on issues of gender, violence, conflict and peace.  Thematic work has been on gender and social inclusion, especially in relation to conflict analysis, peacebuilding, and security; gender and humanitarian response; and the social context of sexual and domestic violence and HIV transmission.  Geographically my main areas of work have been in the Horn of Africa and in East and Central Africa.  She has experience in research (especially qualitative, community-based and participatory research), context aJudy El Bushrassessment and project/programme design, programme management, strategic manag
ement, facilitation and training (including materials development), and evaluation (final and process, external and assisted internal).
Key publications include the following:
El-Bushra, Judy (2016, forthcoming) ‘How should we explain the recurrence of violent conflict, and what might gender have to do with it?’ In Ní Aoláin, Cahn, Haynes and Valji (eds), Handbook of Gender and Conflict Oxford, Oxford University Press
Gardner, Judith, and El-Bushra, Judy (2015) The Impact of War on Somali Men: An Inception Study. Nairobi, World Bank LoGiCA and Rift Valley Institute
Myrtinnen, Henri, Naujoks, Jana and El-Bushra, Judy. (2014) Rethinking gender in peacebuilding London, International Alert
El-Bushra, Judy and Sahl, Ibrahim (2005) Cycles of violence: gender relations and armed conflict Nairobi, ACORD
Gardner, Judith and El-Bushra, Judy (eds.) (2004) Somalia, the untold story: the war through the eyes of women London, CIIR/Pluto Press
  • Henrietta Miers – Associate

    Henrietta Miers – Associate

    Henrietta Miers is a Senior Associate of WISE Development, and has worked for 20 years as a Social Development and Gender Consultant in international development

  • Georgia Taylor, Technical Director

    Georgia Taylor, Technical Director

    Georgia Taylor has been working on gender, women’s economic empowerment and sexual and reproductive health for over 15 years.

  • Dr. Smita Premchander

    Dr. Smita Premchander

    Dr. Smita Premchander is committed to poverty alleviation and women’s empowerment in South Asia.