She Figures 2012 Publication

November 22, 2014



She Figures 2012 Publication

Preliminary results of the She Figures 2012 data collection.
She Figures is the only major publication presenting a Europe-wide data collection on women in science from tertiary education through to the job market. Together with the 27 EU countries, She Figures also presents data on Croatia, Iceland, Israel, Norway, Switzerland and Turkey.
What is the proportion of female to male researchers in Europe, and how is this proportion evolving over time? In which scientific fields are women better represented? Do the career paths of female and male researchers follow similar patterns? Are statistics on women in science comparable across Europe? How many women occupy senior positions in scientific research in Europe?
Published every three years since 2003, She Figures replies to these questions. It presents human resource statistics and indicators in the research and technological development (RTD) sector and on gender equality in science.