Sync Consult Ltd Ghana

December 1, 2014



Sync Consult Ltd Ghana

WISE Development is continually developing a network of like-minded consultants around the world in order to share learning and experience, and to provide local partnership on assignments.

As such we have established links with organisations with similar aims in several countries, one of which is Sync Consult Limited, a management and financial consulting firm based in Ghana.
Initially WISE Development’s partnership with Sync Consult focused on strategy development, corporate finance (including business valuation) and economic analysis. With time, we identified opportunities in the area of social and capacity development, and broadened our work to include areas such as institutional assessment, public sector reform, programme/project evaluation, project management, process improvement, baseline surveys and impact assessments.
We have undertaken assignments in all these areas for governments, development partners, International Non-Governmental Organisations (INGOs) and other development-oriented organisations.
Sync Consult GhanaSync Consult and WISE Development have worked together on a number of projects for the Government of Ghana and DFID. These assignments have included a Social Analysis of Vulnerability and Exclusion in Ghana, developing Ghana’s Social Protection Strategy, and conducting a Stakeholder and Risk Analysis for Ghana’s Natural Resources and Environment Programme as a preliminary study to a full Poverty & Social Impact Assessment.
Sync Consult Ltd Director Bennett KpenteySync Consult Ltd Director Bennett Kpentey
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