VAWG in Economic Development Programming

November 26, 2015




Guidance Note on VAWG in Economic Development Programming

Social Development Direct and the VAWG Helpdesk has launched the two-part Guidance Note produced for DFID on addressing Violence against women and girls (VAWG) through DFID’s Economic Development and Women’s Economic Empowerment Programmes.
You can read and download the guidance note here.
VAWG is the most widespread form of abuse worldwide, affecting one third of all women in their lifetime. In line with its international and national commitments, preventing VAWG is a top priority for the UK government.
There is a complex relationship between economic development, economic empowerment and VAWG. Economic empowerment can help women and girls avoid and escape from violence and violent situations. Women who face violence may be less likely to access economic empowerment, experience economic development, or control assets. However, homes, workplaces, markets and journeys to work can be locations of violence, and women who gain economic power sometimes face a backlash from their partners or community.
This two-part guidance note is part of a series of DFID guidance notes on VAWG. It aims to provide practical advice and tips to support DFID advisors and programme managers and other UK government departments to support the development of a theory of change for integrated economic development and VAWG programming. It focuses on how to address VAWG in economic development programming, where DFID aims to make progress towards two key impacts:
  • Women and girls in employment, trade, mircroenterprise and market places are free from violence
  • Women and girls’ increased economic activity and empowerment helps to reduce VAWG and protect women and girls
Part A sets out the strategic rationale for and broad approach to addressing VAWG in economic development programming. Part B elaborates more practically on outcome areas and suggested interventions to support the development of a theory of change for integrated economic development and VAWG programming.
Read and Download Guidance Note