Promoting Women’s Economic Empowerment within Ethnic Groups in the Mekong

August 31, 2016




Promoting Women's Economic Empowerment within Ethnic Groups in the Mekong

In 2015 WISE was commissioned by CARE Australia to conduct an evaluation of Women’s Economic Empowerment of Ethnic Groups in the Mekong. 
This evaluation showed change process and impact of CARE projects so that CARE and national organisations can learn from good practice and challenges. The WISE team developed framework and methodology for the evaluation that consisted of:
  • Desk review of 14 project reports and evaluations in Vietnam, Laos, Myanmar and Cambodia
  • Qualitative data collection in Laos and Vietnam – including training of research teams in participative methods, women’s economic empowerment and gender; application of methodology including focus groups with ethnic women and men, key informant interviews and in-depth stories of change interviews.
CARE have now published the full Evaluation Reports and have produced a summary of each report.
The ‘Highlights’ summary: WEEEM_Evaluation-Highlights_Summary-Report
The other country-level summaries and also the full reports can also be found and downloaded at the link below: