WHO/UNAIDS tool on gender-sensitive monitoring and evaluation of SRH and HIV programmes

December 15, 2016



NEW RESOURCE: A tool for strengthening gender-sensitive national HIV and SRH monitoring and evaluation systems
WHO and UNAIDS have released a new tool for strengthening gender-sensitive national HIV and sexual and reproductive health (SRH) monitoring and evaluation systems. The tool provides step-by-step guidance to strategic information specialists and monitoring and evaluation officers of HIV and SRH programmes on how to
  • ask the right questions in order to uncover gender inequalities and their influence on health;
  • identify and select gender-sensitive indicators;
  • conduct gender-analysis of SRH and HIV data; and
  • strengthen monitoring and evaluation systems to enable appropriate data collection and gender analysis.
The tool has been used by nearly 30 country teams of strategic information specialists, civil society and HIV programme implementers to analyse their own SRH and HIV data from a gender equality perspective. It can be used for training monitoring and evaluation specialists as well as a resource guide for SRH and HIV programmes to develop gender profiles of their SRH and HIV situation. “Know your epidemic, know your response” has been the cornerstone of the HIV response. This tool supports this approach by helping identify inequities and underlying drivers and hence, improve evidence-informed SRH and HIV programmes for all, but particularly for women and girls.
Access the tool here

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