Women’s Income Generation in North East Nigeria

September 10, 2018



Women’s Income Generation in North East Nigeria:

Economic Empowerment and Justice in Rural Markets

WISE, in collaboration with Propcom Mai-Karfi in Nigeria, recently completed a study on Women’s Income Generation in North East Nigeria: Economic Empowerment and Justice in Rural Markets. The study was led by Fatimah Kelleher and looks at seven communities in three North East Nigerian States that have been either fully or partially affected by the regional conflict, analysing key economic empowerment and justice issues surrounding women in agricultural markets.
The analysis looked at women’s roles in farming, livestock and home-based processing, but also goes beyond this to include analysis around income control issues, the role and opportunity for women’s collective engagement and action, patterns of agency pertaining to marital status and age, women’s household care considerations, and the role of child and adolescent labour.
Recommendations are presented for the Propcom Man-Karfi programme and other similar programmes seeking to engage market approaches within the region, along with a cautionary discussion on the ethical considerations at play if engagement is to yield genuinely gender transformative and economically just results for women and their communities.
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