WISE Development is an accomplished group of specialists who support international agencies, governments and NGOs to make real progress towards achieving gender equality, and the empowerment of women and girls.

Since 2000 WISE Development has built a strong worldwide reputation for improving the lives of women and girls. We have achieved this through supporting our clients to adopt integrated approaches to gender equality; to implement effective policy and programmes; and to make investment decisions based on tangible evidence of the social and economic impact of programmes.

Make real progress towards gender equality with WISE Development

Social Research and Analysis

WISE Development undertakes social research and analysis to inform and evaluate your programme development.

  • Social profiling and mapping with emphasis on gender issues
  • Design and facilitation of empowering, participatory and learning processes

Training and Capacity Building

WISE Development can help you to build the capacity of your people and your public or private sector organisation to make tangible progress towards gender equality.

  • Assessment and design of human resource strategies
  • Professional and management development and training programmes
  • Institutional change including gender auditing; integration of gender approaches; negotiation, influencing and mediation in sensitive areas.

Policy Review and Design

WISE Development can assist you to evaluate the effectiveness of your existing policies in the context of gender equality.

  • Policy analysis and recommendations enabling you to design future policies that have greater impact
  • Desk and field research
  • Design of analysis frameworks that contribute to policy review and formulation

Programme Development and Delivery

WISE Development can provide strategic support in the design and implementation of high impact programmes that will drive progress towards gender equality.

  • Programme design, planning and implementation
  • Programme and Project Management

Evaluation and Impact Assessment

WISE Development can support with monitoring and evidencing the impact of investments made in programmes, to enable investors to evaluate the extent to which they have made real progress towards achieving gender equality, and the empowerment of women.

Monitoring, evaluation and impact assessments are always geared to providing a balanced insight into value for money, impact and return on investment in both social and economic contexts.

  • Programme and project monitoring
  • Evaluation and assessment of impact of programmes and projects
  • Poverty impact monitoring